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Spotlight 10 Английский в фокусе Афанасьева О.В.

Решебник Spotlight 10 Английский в фокусе Афанасьева О.В. 10 класс гдз



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Молодые люди в наши дни едят всё больше и больше нездоровой пищи. Некоторые люди считают, что реклама нездоровой пищи на телевидении должна быть запрещена.
Что вы можете сказать за и против запрета нездоровой пищи рекламы по телевизору? Напишите эссе на 200-250 слов, используя план.
Абзац 1 Введение (указание проблемы)
Абзац 2 Аргументы "за" (с примерами/обоснованиями)
Абзац 3 Аргументы "против" (с примерами/обоснованиями)
Абзац 4 Заключение

Ответ №1

Nowadays junk food is becoming very popular because of the advertising it on TV. Some people consider that this advert should be banned completely. But others think that there is nothing wrong with advertising junk food.
On the one hand, this advert has many disadvantages. Firstly, it convinces children to buy and eat unhealthy food. As a result, they become overweight and start not to listen to their parents. Also children can get addicted to TV. Secondly, even adults cannot resist the temptation to buy advertised food. Fast food contains a high number of saturated fats and calories which are harmful for your body if you eat them in abundance. Eating junk food leads to stomach problems and obesity and causes high blood pressure and heart diseases. Anyway, advertising reduces life expectancy and increases the risk of disease of young people. Finally, advertising junk food occupies the majority of TV time. That is why many people have to waste time on it instead of watching useful programmes.
On the other hand, junk food advert should be allowed. To begin with, modern life runs so quickly that people often do not have enough time to eat. They get little time for cooking. Junk food is a good solution in this situation. What is more, young people need fast food advert because the meal is very tasty and nourishing. In addition, fast food is not expensive and you can buy it almost everywhere. In one way or another, advertising junk food saves money.
To conclude, there are both advantages and disadvantages to advertising unhealthy foods on TV. Although there are many arguments against it, I believe that if young people eat this food not very often, it cannot be dangerous for health.
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